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Expand Your List of Bidders with Blue Ocean Strategy

Creating opportunities for potential bidders.

  1. Identify untapped supplier segments: Instead of targeting the same bidders your competitors are targeting, look for untapped long-tail contractors that could be interested in bidding on your procurement opportunities. This could include smaller businesses, minority-owned businesses, or businesses in underrepresented industries.
  2. Offer new value: Think about what value you can offer to potential bidders beyond the traditional procurement process. Your potential bidders could be interested in training and development opportunities, access to new markets or customers, or support for innovation and growth.
  3. Streamline the bidding process: Make the bidding process as easy and as accessible as possible. Broadcast clear bidding information, provide clear guidelines and expectations, and offer support and resources to help bidders prepare their bids.

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Attract a record number of competing bids to reduce procurement expenses.

All you need to know about virtual auctions

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services based on bids. An item is sold to the highest amongst bidders. Or in the reverse auction, an item is purchased price off.

Types of Auctions